what we do.

We plan to initially grow full-head romaine lettuce and basil and sell to farm-to-table restaurants and caterers at prices commensurate with the high quality and freshness of our produce. Romaine lettuce takes up to 7 weeks to reach maturity, and we estimate harvesting approximately 2,500 heads per month. Basil can be harvested multiple times per crop cycle, and we estimate harvesting approximately 1,200 ounces per month.Our produce is hyperlocal, meaning that our produce is grown in the community where it will be consumed, and is thus considered a premium and differentiated product by the market, potentially commanding a higher price point that even organic foods.As we establish relationships with individual restaurants and caterers, our technology and short crop cycles enable us to collaborate with chefs to grow niche produce to specification, further cementing a long-term partnership with customers.‚Äč

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