Here from Nextdoor? Enjoy an extra (11th) week of greens with purchase of a Farmer's Bounty subscription. Your weekly delivery will include six lettuce heads, plus a couple of greens and herbs from our harvest.

Farmer's Bounty (ND)

  • When you subscribe, you purchase a share of what our farm produces. We will contact you to establish your first delivery date.


    Our current delivery schedule has us speeding our harvest to your door on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on where you live. We will promptly communicate with you if changes need to be made (holidays, weather, etc.).


    Your share is delivered to your door in an insulated Wiseacre Farm tote. For maximum efficiency, please place your empty tote out prior to our delivery for us to retrieve, clean, and reuse. If you would like to keep your tote for personal use, we are happy to sell you a tote for $15. We recommend you refrigerate your harvest as soon as possible after delivery.


    We require full payment prior to your start date because we use these funds to allow for the planning and coordination required to grow, harvest, pack, and deliver your produce. The payment is nonrefundable.


    If you won’t be around to enjoy your harvest one week, please let us know at least two days ahead of time, and we will gladly add your share to our regular donations to the Northfield Township Food Pantry.


    We are eager to share our bounty with our community! We also expect some growing pains, and we will do our best to communicate any issues with you along the way. Please let us know anytime if you have suggestions for how we can improve.


    This is agriculture, and crops are susceptible to certain inherent risks (natural disaster, unexpected crop failure, etc.). We cannot guarantee exact quantities or selections, and by joining the Wiseacre Farm CSA you accept the risks involved. That said, we work very hard to mitigate risk and deliver you the highest-quality produce. Our success depends on delighting you.

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