a little bit about us.

Wiseacre Farm is a hydroponic farm that provides fresh produce to consumers, farm-to-table restaurants, and caterers in north suburban Chicago. We grow leafy greens and herbs for subscribers and chefs, and aim to support the growing local food movement in the Chicago area.

Our world is changing. More people than ever live in densely populated urban and suburban areas, and there’s increasing demand for locally grown and sustainably produced food. People want to know the story behind the meal on their plates. And even city dwellers want their food to be fresh and full of nutrients, not prepackaged and shipped from thousands of miles away. We grow our crops in Glenview year-round for members of our community to enjoy.

Aviad Sheinfeld grew up spending weeks on end on his grandparents’ farm. The love for farming never left him, even as he wound his way through an Ivy League education and careers in network engineering, financial consulting, and non-profit governance. Wiseacre Farm is the realization of a calling to marry farming and technology in order to make a positive impact.

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